Goals and Happenings: December Edition

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Be still my heart. Y’all – December. I LOVE December! And I could not be happier that it is here. (But somehow I’m already getting the post-Christmas, how-is-it-all-already-over blues in anticipation. Does that happen to anyone else? Haha!) I love the festive heart behind December – the gift buying, the making of all things beautiful, the quality time with people I love, and the opportunity to re-center my heart on the gospel.

December is my jam. 

November was a total blasty blast. It was the SECOND month since I launched my little corner of the internet and I have been loving getting to continue to build on BCT! I launched my first devotional series which was SO much fun, and also was able to continue to build community with some other really amazing bloggers in the blogging world. Check out some of my FAVORITE reads this month:

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Goals and Happenings: December Edition


Take some time to slow down and enjoy Christmas time with my sweet husband. Our work schedules have a tendency to be a little opposite sometimes, and Tyler also is finishing up a semester of college. So this month is due to FLY by unless we are intentional in slowing down to cherish it.

Continue to declutter. November was a month I set aside for decluttering, and it didn’t happen fully. But I’ve been loving how nice it has been to get it done somewhat! I would love to finish this month to give us a fresh start for January.

Spend some quality time with friends and family. I have talked about a ton of fun possibilities with my family and friends about up in the air hopes for this month with get-togethers, parties, and continued traditions. But I definitely want to be intentional and make it happen!


Rebuild daily discipline with my mornings. Over the last month are so, I have been completely terrible at keeping structured mornings. But I know, with much experience, that my day is so much better if I take the time to intentionally read my Bible and pray in the mornings before diving into other things. I would love to build that discipline again instead of defaulting to Facebook until my coffee kicks in.

Keep a food/gym log. WRITTEN. Old school. Tyler and I sat down last week and worked on an eating and workout plan that I am so excited to dive into now that Thanksgiving is over. And with a little trial and error, I found that actually keeping track of things in a journal instead of using an app is a million times more engaging for me.

Continue to use a planner. 

Goals and Happenings: November Review

Let’s talk about a review of my goals and happenings for November. It was a busy, busy month. And did the time change knock anyone else off their routine? The drastic transition between it being dark at 8 PM and then suddenly the sun setting at 5 PM completely threw me for a loop. Or I may just be a tired old lady.

– Marriage/Home

My goals for marriage and home in November were to declutter my home and to spend more quality time with my husband. I haven’t quite finished decluttering the pile-up of two years of newlywed bliss that has hunkered down in our little home yet, but I’m getting there. And I hope that this post helps you to do so also!

Tyler and I were definitely able to spend some more quality time together this month, which was awesome. We spent a lot of time talking through our goals and where we are at as a couple, as well as planning some fun things for the holidays and Christmas shopping together. We may or may not have completed all of our Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, haha! We were totally ready for it.

– Personal/Health

My goals in November for personal and health were to continue to develop some new health and wellness strategies and to use a planner to better organize our busy life. These both were pretty successful! Aside from, you know, the whole feast-focused holiday that November focuses on. But Tyler and I were really excited to be able to create a new eating plan for us and to plan out some workout schedules. We are still putting them into practice and had to take a bit of a break because of the busyness that the holiday brought us, but we are getting back on track!

I did use a planner a bit more this month – especially for meal planning, which has been great! I love that using a planner allows me to not feel like I am juggling a million to-do lists or plans to remember. It is all in one good reference point and it frees up my focus for other things. I’m excited to continue to use it and keep it more updated.

I’m so excited for December, but I also am so ready for a new year. The fresh perspective that a new year brings is always so rejuvenating. What is your favorite way to get ready for a new year?

Beneath the Cherry Tree | Goals and Happenings | December | Christmas | Blog Updates
  • Aw, thank you SO much for the link love, friend! I totally hear you on December being your jam (it definitely is mine, too!) All the Christmas music and treats and decorations and EVERYTHING! I’m so glad that you had a great month in your personal life AND in your blogging life! You are definitely meant to be a blogger and I love seeing your flourish in the community! xo, Chelsie