Learning to See the Good (Day 5)

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The Grateful Heart (Day 5)

The Grateful Heart is a two-week long devotional series dedicated to guiding women towards finding a grateful heart during difficult seasons of life and equipping them with the tools they need to take back their joy.

Learning to See the Good

You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you. (Psalm 16:2)

Take a moment to reflect on this last week. Yesterday. This morning. What were those moments like? What happened? Things expected..or even unexpected?

For me, it is always incredibly easy to look at a span of time and be able to easily list off the nuisances or the hard things that my day could hold. But what about the good things? Maybe you received an unexpected check in the mail, maybe you avoided a car accident, maybe you were told a kind and encouraging word right when you needed it. I am guilty of forgetting! But this morning my spirit is encouraged with reminding myself that there is so much more beauty in those blessings than in the little hiccups of the day.

The blessings of our lives, whether big or small, are truly the evidence of the fingerprints of our Father throughout our lives. Today, let’s take time really think about and consider those. Even when things seem imperfect there are still so many blessings to be found it.

Taking Thoughts Captive

Take a moment today anytime you encounter your mind wanting to shift to negative thoughts and take them captive. Such as, instead of us thinking about the pile of laundry we are dreading having to do at home, think about what a blessing it is that our homes are full of the people we love who wore them and what a blessing it is that (praise Jesus) we have a washing machine and dryer that will work most of the hard part out.

Or, if we get agitated at work, then take that thought captive and remember that it is a blessing to have a job and steady income and that we have been given another opportunity through our jobs to show the grace of Jesus in unfavorable circumstances. Even in the middle of a loved one battling illness, let our hearts try to find a place of gratitude in the middle of sorrow as we thank God for the joy of them being in our life.

With our health, our homes, our families.. even with the small distractions that the enemy tries to throw at us, let us be a people of thankfulness today. The pain of this world or the minor hiccups of a day can never amass to the gifts of our Father.

Let’s pray for strength today for one another as we choose to set our hearts and mind in a posture of praise. Thank you, Jesus. Even when we cannot see a way, we know that you are in control.

Who Doesn’t Love a Bonus?

As an added bonus, check out this free download! I’m totally a hands-on type of person. The more I can interact with what I am working on, the better! So – take a moment and reflect back on the last four days. What has happened that you can be thankful for? For each day of this devotional, write in a new perspective or gift that you have found gratitude in to keep your heart focused!

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